Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Evolution of Humanity

Maybe my head is stuck in a Star Trek inspired, science fiction utopia but I'd like to think that humanity has the potential to evolve. I don't just mean that we finally do away with our appendixes (appendices?) and tonsils but that our relationships evolve beyond what they are now. Of course, I don't just mean interpersonal relationships but global relationships; the way we treat each other (actively and passively) all around the world.

Anyone with an eye on any form of media this week has been inundated with news and opinions about the death of Osama bin Laden. I understand why people might want to celebrate this but I'm also saddened by the idea that human beings might celebrate another person's death as well. I feel like we should be better than this. How can it be that by murdering a murderer we make ourselves any better than they are? Is it just about numbers? Does the killing of thousands justify the killing of one (not counting for the moment the others killed in last weeks raid and all those killed in Afghanistan and Iraq)? Surely if humanity is to survive, we need to grow beyond violence.

I know this has theological implications and these are worth thinking about. I actually think that all forms of religion need to embrace non-violence as an essential characteristic of their existence. Unless they do, religion has no place in the future of humanity.

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