Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Matter of Perspective?

I've been wondering today how much of life is simply a matter of perspective. I'm naturally inclined to be a 'glass half full' person. Sometimes this optimism plays out just as I've hoped it might and other times I'm left disappointed. Nevertheless, it seems that next time I'm just as likely to hope for the best regardless of previous failures.

Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of times when I can be as cynical and skeptical as the next person. However, on the whole, I seem to lean on the side of hope. It's not that I don't learn from my mistakes either. I know that the glass which is half full is also half empty but it's not merely a matter of judgement, it's often a matter of choice.

When faced with two equally likely possibilities, which pathway should we take? Do we play it safe and expect to lose out or do we take a chance and risk disappointment? I suspect that there is often something self-fulfilling about these choices. I'm not talking about the Universe (or God for that matter) rewarding us for our confidence, but simply that embarking upon life's journey with a sense of faith and hope will more likely result in serendipitous circumstance than the alternative.


jack said...

Perhaps your 'half full' outlook allows you to be a Christian, despite the logical and theological difficulties that are present, due to it's ability to give you some concrete purpose and meaning in life. Whereas for me, being a 'half empty' type, I find it very difficult to hand onto faith when there are (for me) so many problem areas that are not adequately explained.

David said...

Alan Jone's comment, "I am a practicing Christian but not a believing Christian", is an interesting perspective.