Friday, January 2, 2009

Some holiday listening to get you thinking...

Happy New Year! I'm on holidays for a couple of weeks, so won't be posting for a while. However, to keep you busy in the meantime I'm leaving a couple of MP3 files from sessions that I've run at the Aggressive Christianity Conference over the past couple of years.

» ACC 2007: Exploring a Christian ethical response to homosexuality (mp3 8.8 Mb)
» ACC 2008: Understanding the meaning of salvation in the Officer's covenant (mp3 7.8 Mb).



Les said...

I'll definitely listen to these files. I am on a progressive journey.

I am in Newcastle. Do you ever get to Newcastle or Sydney?

I run church upstairs in a gay bar. I am an ordained Baptist pastor but am finding it difficult to find local people who affirm my journey

JDK said...

Hi Les,

Hope you get something out of the mp3 files. I'm afraid I don't get away as often as I'd like but certainly wish you all the best in what sounds like a challenging ministry. You might like to check out the Common Dreams website, I'm sure you would have found a few at the conference who would have affirmed your journey.

Regards, JDK

Anonymous said...

These talks have that "sitting on the fence" feel that the theologically liberal do so well.

For example, you don't really justify why an extraordinary effort is required for social justice when the real game remains eternal destiny. You state the fact of eternity being a long time (especially the last part), which would make your case more difficult.

Second, you stay clear of making a moral pronouncement about homosexuality. Isn't this the obvious question your audience would have? Does being nice mean you cannot make public moral assessments?

JDK said...

Hi David,

I'm glad you think I'm doing something well - even if it is sitting on the fence! I guess I am happy for people to 'read between the lines' sometimes, though I'm sure there are others who already think that I say too much. The recordings don't include the reactions of the audience at either session but when people stand up to refute you publically, I'm pretty sure they understand what you're saying.

Regards, JDK