Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Songs for Worship

Perhaps I didn't know where to look, but I used to find it so difficult to find songs for worship that I really liked that eventually I resorted to trying to write my own. I wanted something modern enough to use 'you' instead of 'thee' but with more depth than the 'awesome', 'Jesus is my boyfriend' type choruses. I've managed to do this at the startling pace of less than one per year and before now, never really had any real record of them outside my own head. So, for what it's worth, here are some of my efforts:


Anonymous said...

Why do you think dumbed-down repetitive junk has become popular in Christian church gatherings?

This cultureal dumbing down is not just limited to music, either. The preaching at churches is generally oriented around pop psychoogy themes.

And I've found, when I question Christians about their faith, they are mostly unable to offer any intellectual defense or sustain a discussion about it - the churches are failing miserably here, too.

Jason, you are really in urgent need of a frontal lobotomy to fit in with the prevailing Christian culture.

JDK said...

I'm tempted to say that all music seems to now be aimed at the lowest common denominator. Remember when bands like Midnight Oil and U2 used to sing songs against injustice in the world? To be fair though, music has suffered from banality for a long time - perhaps we just mourn it more when we get older?

The preaching comment is interesting. I think I used to react against having sat for many years listening to very simple sermons by pitching my own at the highest level that I could. The result was that although a few people were deeply appreciative, many people seemed simply confused. I suspect that the answer is to ensure enough variation in both style and content that all people are challenged in some way - something I have yet to master by any means!

Regards, JDK

Anonymous said...

hi .
i am a gospel musician in toronto canada
I am a born again cristian for about 8 years now.
i had been working very hard on songs to Jesus
of strenth of faith
communicating the fact that He is Here and now
i try to place that "presence i feel of HIM" in the music.

it is modern music renaging from folk to ballad to a little rocky.
but it is my own style and not 'COPIED OFF THE PRESS" so to speak.

there are many musicians that do this type of thing
sharing the deep core faith and experience.

we simply do not know how to connect up

there is such amazing new talent in the church of 61\4 toronto (salvation army)
our area is a very hard case called reagent park.

if i could get access to some decent taping equipment i could send you some mp3' copies of what i have
I play them at church every now and then.
i think i should copyright them first though.

if you are interested write me back at
and remind me of this communication, because unless it is music......i don't remeber a thing......well ....almost.

bernard matheson

JDK said...

Thanks for your comment Bernard. You'd think sharing this stuff would be easier with all of our modern technology and that handy little thing called the Internet. There is a repository for recordings at which has gathered together lots of new salvo based music. Like you, I have a problem getting around to recording it so I have only managed to upload one of my songs so far.

Regards, JDK