Saturday, November 1, 2008


Just caught a segment on Foreign Correspondent on the small town of Malula in the Syrian mountains. The population is about half Christian and half Muslim and they are some of the last remaining people in the world to continue to speak Aramaic - the language of Jesus. Watching townspeople and shepherds talking this ancient language reminded me again how far our Western images of Jesus are from the historical reality. Jesus would have looked and sounded far more like most Arabic speaking Muslims today than the bulk of Christians who frequent his churches. The only disappointment in the show was the enthusiasm shown by Christians in Malula for Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. I can only imagine this is because it's the only movie they've ever seen in their native language, because from my point of view it's the worst Jesus movie ever made!


Anonymous said...

JDK, Good to see that you're back. Limo

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your absence from the blogosphere was short lived.

While we may wrestle with theological or ecclesiological issues - even what it means to be a Salvo - getting a new perspective on the incarnation, and realising the presence of God in the midst of our world is worth reflecting on.

I haven't read your stuff on the Mel Gibson's Passion, but for me the sheer brutality, while alarming, was an antidote and corrective to some of our refined and genteel images of Easter.