Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changed my mind

I can't recommend the Living the Questions material enough. It's a fantastic resource that features some of the best biblical and theological thinkers in the world today. Check out the website ( - the Australian distributor is FaithFutures.

The reason I mention this is that I was revisiting some of the material today and hearing about two divergent understandings of Jesus. How can Jesus be both a non-violent social revolutionary who brought healing and wholeness indiscriminately and also the coming messenger of God's judgement who will destroy the faithless and condemn the bulk of the world to Hell? It was in the midst of realising how totally impossible it is for me to reconcile these two that I remembered that Jesus' closest followers were recorded as misunderstanding his mission. The reason that we have four Gospels is that at least two (if not three) of the authors thought that the other(s) needed some improvement. This makes me wonder how arrogant we would have to be to think that we finally have the one correct and authoritative understanding of Christology. How can we be so sure that we have it right if those closest to Jesus got it wrong?

I don't mean to suggest that the task is hopeless - only that we should approach it with the right level of humility. Perhaps reconsidering the red text in your Bibles might be a start.


Graham Roberts said...

IMonk has an thoughtful take on different understandings.

I pray for tolerance among those who serve Christ - even if they have slightly different understandings of particular elements of Christian faith and life. We need to encourage one another as we seek and serve Jesus.

JDK said...

Thanks Graham. I join you in your prayer.

Regards, JDK