Monday, October 27, 2008

Running out of things to say

Yes, I believe the time is fast approaching when this blog either closes for good or at least shifts to a less regular time frame. I began writing as a self-discipline practice to encourage my own critical reflection on a daily basis. For the most part this has been very helpful but after more than 250 posts, I'm sensing a natural kind of repetitiveness that is rapidly diminishing the value of the discipline - plus it must be getting boring for those who bother to read it!

I would have liked to make it to the end of the year, but I don't want to do it by dropping whatever low standards I may have developed even further than they already have. Discipline is one thing, but blogging for bloggings sake is a waste of everybody's time. Thanks for joining me on the journey. I'll be back when I actually have something to say!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can continue to blog on at least a semi-regular basis. I enjoy reading your opinions and am glad I found this small island of intelligence in an ocean of Salvo fundamentalism. So please keep writing when you can - it sure beats reading and trying to reason with the 'turn or burn' mob.

Anonymous said...

Noooooo, Jason, noooooo!!!!!!!!

Robyn Clinch

Anonymous said...

I'm with them. I appreciate your well-considered thoughts. They keep me sane in the salvo blog-world!

Anonymous said...

I hope you change your mind. You have been a beacon of hope in an apparent fundamentalist minefield. You articulate what I cannot, with grace and intelligence.
Please reconsider.

JDK said...

Thanks for your kindness and encouragement. My intention is to continue to blog as often as possible but the current combination of lack of ideas and busyness at work and home has slowed me down. If you have any ideas about ways to shape this blog that might be useful in the New Year or anything you'd be interested to hear about, please let me know.

Regards, JDK