Friday, October 24, 2008

Guest Speaker

I was the guest speaker today in a year 10 Civics class on the topic of homelessness. I've been in enough dull lectures to have learnt something about trying to engage an audience, so I came equipped with short videos and some plans to engage the class interactively. Was I successful? I'm not sure, though I hope the teacher was just being self-effacing when she said it was their best class this year!

The question that made me think a bit was 'why did you get into this line of work in the beginning?'. Given that it was almost 20 years ago that I first started working for The Salvation Army and that I left to do quite a different line of work for a while, this presented some challenges for me. In the end, the answer isn't too different from the 'what makes you get out of bed every morning?' question.

If we concede that the world in which we live isn't all that it should be, that some suffer unnecessarily and that people should intercede on their behalf, then someone has to step up and be the kind of person who will make such a difference. I don't think I can just expect that person always to be someone else.

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