Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brunswick Idol

Most Sunday afternoons after our informal cafe-church style service, we share in a community lunch with around 80-100 people. I get to play and sing some of my favourite songs on the guitar, with the accompaniment of someone on the bass, and generally a good time is had by all. Though I only started singing very reluctantly, I've become bearable enough to enjoy myself and cause minimal pain to others.

However, today we decided to do something different. Periodically, we throw open the small stage to anyone else in our community brave enough to step up and share their talents. In the past we've had guest guitarists, bass players, harmonica soloists, keyboard players and even a solo dancer. Today we had 5 new singers and a small guitar solo!

The quality might not be outstanding, but the encouragement that people get certainly is. Everyone stepped up and down from the stage to thunderous applause regardless of their sense of tuning or timing. All of our performers were rightly proud of their contributions because they know that having the guts to get up there is half the battle. They might not be the next Australian Idols but they have won the hearts of the Brunswick faithful for today!

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