Friday, September 26, 2008

Fred Brown on Evangelism

I've quoted before from Fred Brown's book 'Secular Evangelism'. I had cause to revisit the book this week and continue to be impressed with Browns gutsy proclamation. Here's another example:
Jesus was so at one with God himself that he was free to live in a spirit of forgiveness; and forgiveness, above all, restores broken relationships. We have already insisted that without relationships of mutual respect, trust and acceptance, evangelical activity, whatever its nature, is nothing more than an exercise in self-centred piety. Yet how often evangelicals, fearful of getting too mixed-up with undesirable elements, rush in, make their verbal witness, not infrequently with threats of judgement to come, and gratefully withdraw to their fellowships of like-minded believers. Meanwhile, the world passes them by, with resentment, amusement, or indifference. And it will continue to do so until, leaving their bastions of puritanism, and risking their reputations for uncompromising righteousness, they share their Master's identification with 'publicans and sinners', share it with his compassion and perception, and in a spirit utterly free of ulterior motivation and censoriousness.

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