Monday, September 1, 2008

C.S. Song on Incarnation

When I first read Jesus the Crucified People by Choan Seng Song, I was blown away by the combination of vivid imagery and wonderful practicality that this theologian brings to his writing. Today I want to share a few thoughts on the topic of incarnation and suffering:

People are now clues to who the real Jesus is - people who are poor, outcast, and socially and politically oppressed. What Jesus has said and done is not comprehensible apart from men, women and children who suffer in body and spirit.

In Jesus who is in pain we perceive people in pain … In the suffering Jesus we witness the suffering people. In Jesus crucified on the cross we behold the crucified people. And the reverse is also true. In the people in pain and suffering, in the people tortured and put to death, we witness Jesus tortured and nailed to the cross.

The real Jesus is the love of God that creates miracles of life in the world. He is the pain of God mingled with the pain of humanity. He is the hope of God that people manifest in the midst of despair. He is the eternal life of God that people live in spite of death. Jesus is, lives and becomes real when people, with unflagging faith in God, engage each other to bring about a new world out of the ruins of the old world.

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