Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boff on Salvation

Some more words from Leonardo Boff, this time on the topic of salvation:
Salvation defines the terminal situation of the human being in God. … But salvation is not actualized only in the last moment of one’s life, or only in eternity. It is anticipated. The human being must enter upon a whole salvation process, a process that begins here on earth and ends in eternity.

This process, which gradually actualizes salvation within the limits of history, especially within the space of the church, can be understood as a process of liberation from situations that contradict God’s salvific design, for situations that gradually conform to that design. Historical liberations are thus anticipations and concretizations, ever limited, but real, of the salvation that will be full and complete only in eternity.

This vision has permitted a theological reading of human efforts in the molding of more just and more humane situations. In proportion as economic and social structures foster a greater participation by all in the economy and in society and create a greater symmetry among groups of persons, in that same proportion they signify, to the eyes of faith, the presence of grace and the realization, in seed, of the kingdom of God. When, on the contrary, they generate exploitation and impoverishment, they reveal the presence of sin and the antikingdom.

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