Sunday, September 21, 2008

125 Years of TSA Brunswick

Well, the long awaited day has come and almost gone. I'm pleased to say that the day's events went very well indeed. Many past and present members of Brunswick were blessed by the leadership of Commissioners Jim and Carolyn Knaggs, who gave generously of their time today and mixed indiscriminately with all who came up to them at lunchtime.

Though yesterday I had been wondering whether today might not feel like 'the real Brunswick', I am happy to say today that my doubts were unfounded. Yes, we had a much bigger band than usual - but one of our principles has been to acknowledge that we can't do everything and to partner wisely with those who can help us. The Moreland City Band provided excellent support today and proved the value of this principle. In addition, many of the volunteers from our community program really provided the backbone support to make the day happen. They arranged seating, prepared and served food, helped to clean up and pack up - and still played their normal parts in our worship.

Still, I'm glad this kind of occasion doesn't happen too frequently :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a well planned celebration which honoured the past but also included the present day focus of Brunswick.
Back in "our day" it would have been a 'no-no' to have an outside band playing Army music in our citadel! However, what an achievement having so many possibly unchurched people in attendance and exposed to the message. Well done!
D & K Reynolds

JDK said...

Thanks Dorothy - your comments are appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the Anniversary.

Regards, JDK