Sunday, August 10, 2008

Needing a challenge

There are a number of things that I find challenging. Today's challenge was communicating with someone who has a mental illness and for whom English is not their first language. I've known a number of people who fit into this category and their position is incredibly difficult. It's hard enough for anyone whose conversation is not bound to linear thought processes to be properly heard, let alone if their difficulty with language is further obfuscating the dialogue. (I just reread that sentence and realised the wonderful irony of my own terrible attempt at articulating what I was trying to say!)

It's inevitably more time consuming than we would like to enter into this kind of situation. However, it is necessary and though results are never guaranteed, the fact that you made a sincere effort should count for something. Hopefully...


Anonymous said...

I wonder how your approach as a Christian further obfuscates the problem of mental illness.

It looks like progress will be made only with further understanding of the bio-chemical and environmental causes of this debilatating condition.

Chrisians, however, are still stuck in a medieval world of prayer and 'sin' and the demon theory of disease.

It looks like a belief in God really does get in the way of helping people.

JDK said...

I'm not sure that anti-Christian generalisations are helpful either. However, if belief in God is going to get in the way of you helping people then I would suggest that your concept of God isn't worth believing in. Discard it and go and help someone.