Friday, August 22, 2008

Changing Modes

One of the consequences of starting a new job is the endless stream of people asking you "Are you enjoying the new job?" Whilst their concern is encouraging, I'm never really sure how to answer the question. Certainly there are elements of my role that I find rewarding, just as there are parts that are challenging.

However, the thing that has become increasingly apparent is that my mode of working has changed substantially. My work has a different scope and a new form. Part of this has to do with wearing a tie more often and attending lots more meetings, but these are just surface elements.

Anyway, it did make me think about Jesus' mode of operation - how did Jesus 'work'? I guess Jesus was self-employed (or possibly in the family business). He was what we might now term an 'outreach worker'. His PD required exceptional oral communication skills. However, the thing that perhaps most characterises Jesus' work style is the tranformation that became apparent amongst those that surrounded him. Jesus was experienced as a healing presence to the hurting and broken. He was a broker for the Kingdom of God, which he gave away freely to the poor and despised.

Now I wonder if I can fit that in on a Thursday....

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