Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anger Management

I am generally a fairly calm person by nature. So for the most part I have to deal with other people's anger more often than I have to worry about my own. Today was no exception.

I took someone aside today after they had blown their stack at another person and gave them some space and a listening ear to calm them down. As usual, it was a relatively minor incident that started everything but this person's anger had been bottled up for too long and it didn't take much to blow the top off.

It was later that I began to think about God and anger - is it unChristian to be angry? I guess there's the kind of anger that is born of injustice and motivates us to do something to change a bad situation. I'm not sure I want to argue against that.

But there's also anger that arises from deep hurt and pain. This kind of anger expresses itself indiscriminately and invariably causes more pain by spreading it around. Here I believe that God is concerned with healing the wounds that are the source of anger. It's not enough to just try and suppress the emotions without dealing with what's causing them. The path to wholeness and salvation often requires some healing along the way. Let's find ways to be God's healing presence in people's lives.

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