Monday, June 2, 2008

Telling stories

There is definitely something about human beings and story telling - we love to tell and hear stories, the narrative genre is a vital part of who we are and the way that we communicate. I was lucky today to have a guest spot in a Spiritual Awareness group at Bridgehaven, a residential rehab service in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. I spent my time telling stories: my own stories, stories from the Bible, stories in song - all of them building up pictures of hope, redemption and ultimately salvation. Those in the group also shared some of their stories and we found that on some points our stories connected.

I'm pretty sure this is what evangelism is all about: I tell my stories, you tell your stories and perhaps there are meeting places where our stories connect and we find God.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you just tell them they are sinners deserving of hell, and that they must repent and believe? That seems to be the standard way of thinking for most Salvo bloggers - do many of them object to your style of evangelism?

JDK said...

Is it possible that I'm not like the others? I guess every family has a black sheep ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like the black sheep much more than the turn or burn white sheep.

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

Black sheep of the world unite.

Dear anonymous,
not all Salvos are judgemental and narrow minded. Many of us applaud Jason's style of evangelism, his intellect and his personal integrity.

great news about your new appointment.
Warm regards