Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Struggling with Spirituality

I'm still struggling to find words that adequately describe my emerging understanding of spirituality. One of the major insights that came through my Masters study was a clear dissatisfaction with the dualistic view where there are two separate realities, a material and a non-material reality (the second being implicitly 'spiritual'). This concerns me because it suggests that what we do in 'this' reality is not spiritual. It draws us away from engagement with the world - the wrong direction for a Salvationist spirituality as far as I'm concerned.

At the same time, I'm also not satisfied with a direct correlation, as if everything material was also spiritual in nature. This tends to cheapen our spirituality in ways that are also unhelpful. Why bother having a spiritual viewpoint if its all the same anyway?

I think we need to find a mid-point that acknowledges the sacramental dimension of certain elements of our temporal existence. If we believe in a compassionate God, then perhaps acts of compassion are inherently spiritual in nature? If we believe that God is just, then perhaps our efforts towards social justice also have a spiritual aspect to them? If we can find some better ways to articulate this, it might radicalise our prayer, our worship and our social service.


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Unknown said...

Hello from California!
I'm so glad a Google Search served up your post because you have given me much food for thought. (And I love when that happens!)

Although I will "chew" on your words much more, my initial response is to offer one "secret" that helps me sift out my spirituality in my daily life.

My "secret" is this: I simply ask myself one question. The question I ask (frequently throughout the day): "In this moment, am I living in Spirit or in Ego?"

As we may all convey differently our own meanings of Spirit and Ego, this one question helps to align both worlds for me.

Again, your words will give me much to ponder today.

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