Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My namesake

I was named after the mythical Greek hero, Jason, who is best known for his quest with the Argonauts for a golden fleece. Lesser known, however, is the character of Jason from the Bible. Listed as a compatriot of Paul at the end of the letter to the Romans, the story of Jason is told in the 17th chapter of Acts.

In the story, Jason is accused of harbouring Paul and Silas whose evangelistic activities have been causing a stir in Thessalonica. His house is attacked, he is taken before the city authorities, jailed and then later released on bail. It appears my namesake has some dubious associations!

The thing I like about this is the notion of Sanctuary. Jason has offered sanctuary to Paul and Silas - an expression of hospitality which has largely been lost to the church today. The best expressions of church continue to be examples of sanctuary, where people find shelter, safety and care from the harshness of the world.

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