Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Caring for our environment

It's not too difficult to speak about Christian responsibility to care for our environment - you can start with the creation story in Genesis and finish with the story of new creation in Revelation. Individually, many people are beginning to take a greater level of responsibility - switching to energy efficient light bulbs, saving water, even using cars less. But corporate responsibility is another challenge altogether. How can The Salvation Army be more environmentally friendly? It's a question we all need to consider deeply and work towards implementing.


Anonymous said...

Should TSA choose "green" energy from Origin? This could be one step. We decided to get 100% recycled paper for our letterhead. We want to get a water tank installed at the hall so that we can use it to water the gardens in summer.

JDK said...

All these are good suggestions and well worthy of consideration. I wonder whether we should consider environmental audits of HQ, Corps and Social Centres? We don't need any more administrative burdens, but I'm sure there would be a number of changes which could be undertaken at minimal cost - it just takes some thought and the commitment to get it going. We all need local 'environmental champions' to continually remind us to double-side our photocopying until it becomes normal :-)