Sunday, May 25, 2008

RSA Collecting Part 2: Doorknocking

I really don't like it when people come knocking on my door. My home is my refuge at the end of a busy day, yet we have what seems to be an unreasonable number of people who think dinner time is a great sales opportunity. So it's with some reticence and a little guilt that I began my doorknocking rounds this morning.

It was a wonderful surprise to be welcomed by so many people. Of all the homes that I visited, only one gave a flat 'no' and most were friendly, polite and generous despite my interruption to their weekend routines. I have no doubt that this is largely due to The Salvation Army's incredible public profile - one that we can never afford to take for granted. We are trusted, not only to handle people's money appropriately, but even on their very own doorsteps, our uniforms are greeted with an unusual sense of ease and familiarity. Thanks to all those who made our tasks so much easier this weekend!

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