Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mission Immersion

Have missed out on posting for the last couple of days while I've been in training for a 'Mission Immersion Experience' in Zambia next month. A team of 10 people representing Salvation Army divisions from across Australia gathered together for the first time this weekend to get to know each other and to jointly prepare ourselves for this trip.

It has been exciting to meet this diverse group of participants coming together from Hobart to Darwin, Melbourne to Perth and a few places in between. Encouraging also that we have all readily dispensed with any false notion that we might be 'bringing Jesus to Zambia'! The team come with an expectation that we will learn from our hosts and be changed by our experience in a range of ways that can enrich our engagement in mission back home.

My only disappointment was to miss the enrollment of four new soldiers at Brunswick. Congratulations to Simone, Rene, Eugene and Noel!

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