Monday, May 12, 2008

Hearing Voices

Yesterday one of the members of our community was hearing voices that were telling him to kill himself. If you've ever talked with someone who's hearing voices, you'll be familiar with the difficulty inherent in gaining and keeping their attention. Put yourself in their position for a moment and you'll begin to realise how hard it must be to focus on one of many competing demands.

I'm reminded of Andrew Denton's TV show on Angels and Demons, which dealt both sympathetically and helpfully with the topic of mental illness. If you missed it, check out the website and step for a moment into the experience of someone who lives with this type of problem.


Simon Mapleback said...

Interesting program!! It is interesting though that Jesus came across people with almost exact symptoms as we see today in our 'mental' society. With a simple word He healed them, so whether they were demonic or a serious mental condition, we know they can be healed in Jesus Name!

What's your thoughts on that Jason just out of interest, do you believe that, or have you prayed for their 'healing' with them as you come into contact with these members of our society?

Seems like a topic that gets avoided quite a bit, but one I've been praying a lot about lately!

JDK said...

Can't say that I have any personal experience of divine healing but I see no reason to place limits on what God can or cannot do. I know people who have testified to God's healing and I don't doubt their experience, though I have to admit that I don't know how this happens or why some are healed and others are not.

I have also seen the difference that psychiatric medicine can sometimes make to the symptoms of mental illness. In some people it works really well, though it's not a magic fix for everyone.

Finally, I don't think either of these approaches are mutually exclusive. In many cases, The Salvation Army is at its best effect when we combine our professional and pastoral responses with people.

Regards, JDK

Simon Mapleback said...

Thanks Jason,

You spend a lot more time with people on the streets than what I presently do, so I was just interested in how you saw it in that light!

The medical side of things aren't quite perfect yet either, but I really feel for those effected by mental conditions, I pray there was a 'quick' fix method for them.

I also agree - TSA is at its best when we combine our professional and pastoral responses - your doing a great thing out in Brunswick - keep it up!

God bless mate!