Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reconciling Relationships

I have mentioned previously that I'm part of a Living the Questions group where we discuss the meaning of Christianity from a contemporary standpoint. Tonight's topic was Reconciling Relationships. There was some discussion about the difficulties inherent in communicating the sacrificial meaning of Jesus' death in our modern world and also some other biblical paradigms for exploring the relationship between God and humanity.

However, the part that really struck me was the ending. Sister Helen Prejean is the author of Dead Man Walking and an advocate against the death penalty in the USA. She speaks in a compelling way about her encounters with the parents of a murdered boy whose killers she also ministered to whilst they were on death row. The father of the boy prayed with Helen, not only for the killers, but also for their families who were being persecuted by the town. He even personally reached out with compassionate support towards the mother of one of those who had murdered his own son.

I can't claim to understand the strength behind such actions but I find it an inspiring example of Christianity at its best.

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