Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Being a Christian

A great line from our Living the Questions group last night: 'When Jesus comes into your heart, he brings all his friends with him'. I've never really been a fan of the Jesus in my heart language because I find it a bit of a soppy metaphor. It fits all those 'Jesus is my boyfriend' type choruses that also don't really connect with me. However this line had an edge that caught me.

Think about the people that Jesus associated with: lepers, disabled people, prostitutes, thieves, tax collectors, even the fishermen are hardly the pillars of society. They are, in modern parlance, 'the fish John West reject'. So if you want to invite Jesus into your heart, be prepared to invite this lot as well. Because Jesus is famous for his indiscriminate hospitality. He has the most dubious taste in friends - that's why I'm invited (and you as well). You can't have Jesus and lock his associates out of your life. Now there's an interesting song...

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