Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obtaining Mastery

Sometimes I think of myself as someone who is well described by the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none". Except that I'm not really that handy, I just feel that I'm certainly not exceptionally good at anything.

Tonight I will officially receive the post-graduate degree of a Masters in Theology. So does this finally mean that I can say that I've mastered something? I doubt it. As with many educational pursuits, the more you get to know, the more you realise you don't know. I have by no means mastered the field of theology but I am a little further along the path than when I started.

On the positive side, I'm not concerned about this anymore. I'm happy to live with not knowing everything about God, the Bible or who Jesus was. I know enough to get through my day and I'm learning more all the time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

For those interested, you can download a copy of my final thesis on "The meaning of salvation in The Salvation Army today" from here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a "masterful" effort!

I'm in the process of reading through your thesis - so far, its presenting as a good read.

The SA's primary ministry is to the disadvantaged and marginalised. How does the SA "reach" the (possibly shrinking?) middle classes? If it does, can it proceed in a way that involves them in SA community without hard and fast saved/unsaved boundaries? Can the SA draw on the vast resources of an under-utilised middle class in a manner that is community enhancing and beneficial to the marginalised? Just a question.

JDK said...

David, you've hit upon a key theme for me at the moment. See tomorrow's post for part of the answer. The rest I'm still trying to figure out for myself. Regards, JDK

Christopher said...

As one who is studying for his own masters, I say WELL DONE!!
This is no small task while trying to manage all of the comings and goings of a corps officer.
May you inspire more to take study both seriously and purposfully. Maybe when more in the Army engage in this discipline , then we as a movement will be more informed about what the future of the movement is (as well as it's place in the world today.)
I haven't read yor thesis yet, but will look forward to adding it to my reading list.

Once again Well done!!


JDK said...

Thanks Chris. All the best with your study as well. Regards, JDK