Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Kingdom of God

Consider the social critique inherent here:
The Kingdom of God is like this:

At six in the morning a householder hired labourers for his
vineyard promising them one denarius for the day's work
At nine, noon, three, and five he hired some more promising them a fair wage.
At six in the evening, the labourers were paid:
those hired last were paid one denarius
those hired first expected much more
but they too received only one denarius.
John Dominic Crossan (whose book, The Essential Jesus, this comes from) says that this story has something important to tell us about the impact of underemployment in a society. Why were there still people waiting to be hired at five in the afternoon? According to Jesus, God's radical social structure has room for those who are least employable and values them equally.

Ever been the last to be picked for a sporting team? (or was that just me?) Had a few rejections in job interviews? Don't feel like you live up to the expectations of others? There's a valued place for you in God's Kingdom. But here's the catch - when you get there, don't be looking down on those who appear even less worthy than you. They'll get their denarius too.

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