Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deeds of Compassion

Today's blog content comes from The God We Never Knew by Marcus Borg. Borg is my favourite Christian writer and speaker. His best book is The Heart of Christianity, but this one has some great thoughts as well. This quote comes from a section on spiritual practices:
Sometimes situations come along in our lives that give birth to compassion. But one can also be more deliberate. Intentionally placing oneself in situations where people are struggling and need help, and being present to that experience, can be transformative. For people like me and many readers of this book whose life circumstances are reasonably secure, there are a variety of ways of doing this: serving a meal once a week or month in a soup kitchen, working as a volunteer in any number of agencies, building a house with Habitat for Humanity, and so on. Compassion can even be birthed by being really present to the evening news, though I am not suggesting watching television as a primary means. What matters for this means of transformation is letting the life circumstances of others move one's heart.


Anonymous said...

Jason - I've been reading your blog for quite a while now - I want to commend you on your common sense and deep thinking.

I notice you are married, is this a permanent arrangment or is there wiggle room? I think you look hot

JDK said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry but there's no wiggle room in my marriage. You really should see someone about your eyesight.

Regards, JDK

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason
If ANON wants "wiggle" room then maybe they should try
"hot potatoes" or "cold spaghetti" or even "mashed bannana"

Just dont forget to "point your fingers and do the twist"