Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Australia's Homeless Youth

The report of the National Youth Commision Inquiry into Youth Homelessness has highlighted the disgraceful reality which faces the 22,000 homeless young people in our country every night. To acknowledge that homelessness is a complex issue is not a valid excuse for doing too little about it. We can't afford for homelessness to be a marginal issue - our society is defined by how we care for those who are most vulnerable.

I would also assert that Christians need to understand homelessness as a theological issue. This is more than just about needing to respond to people without secure housing. We need to come to terms with the ramifications of God's presence amongst the homeless. What does this say about the nature of God? What does it say to those who claim to be followers of Jesus?

For more information on the National Youth Commision see their website.

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