Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our hands are God's hands

I have been talking this week with some people about the Bible. I find the Bible both inspired and inspiring. At the same time, anyone reading through it will quickly discover that it was written by human hands. The Bible doesn't contain the handwriting of God but it does contain the words of God. Perhaps you'll think that I'm just playing with words myself but there are some significant distinctions here.

My point for the moment is simply that humans are the common vehicles that are used to do God's work - our hands are God's hands. When the Israelites need to be liberated from slavery in Egypt, God calls Moses to be their deliverer. The prophets intercede on God's behalf to challenge the people about injustice. Jesus shows us, in human form, God's concern for the poor and the marginalised.

It's an important reminder that if we're waiting for God to do something, perhaps we should consider whether God is waiting for us to do something...

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