Monday, March 31, 2008

The Oasis

I was lucky tonight to be able to see a preview of the movie "The Oasis: A film about Australia's Homeless Youth". The film focusses on the Oasis network run by Captains Paul and Robbin Moulds in Sydney and will be televised on the ABC on Thursday 10th April at 8:30pm.

The film is a realistic view of life in a centre dealing with the difficulties of homelessness on a daily basis and as such is confronting at times - there is no sanitising the language, violence or drug use which are part of this experience. However, it is also a film which has a touching human element and holds a sense of hope. It makes you wonder about 'what could be' rather than just accepting 'what is' - which I'm sure is the intent of the documentary makers.

God is one of the stars of the film - appearing in the lives of both the homeless and those who care for them. There are explicit moments where people are seen sharing in prayer and worship together but also those times when the reality of God's presence is more subtle but nevertheless clear to those with eyes to see it. The Oasis should make you feel uncomfortable, maybe even enough to want to do something. Watch it!

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