Sunday, March 23, 2008

Exploring Resurrection Possibility

The theme of Resurrection is critical to Christianity and is a wonderful theological foundation for hope to those who are suffering:
Resurrection is a symbol of hope for those whose life resonates with Christ’s experience of being rejected, beaten, mocked and crucified. It is a sign of new life for those who want to put the old life behind them. For the person suffering drug addiction, resurrection symbolises the potential of freedom from bondage – a continual offering of new chance. For the person who has experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse, resurrection offers closure to the old life as victim and hope for the new.
For more on this topic in relation to mission with the poor and the marginalised see Resurrection with the Marginalised

My favourite quote on resurrection comes from liberation theologian, Jon Sobrino:
Those who have a radical hope for the victims of this word, who are not convinced that resignation is the last word…can include in their experience a hope analogous to that with which Jesus’ resurrection was first grasped and can direct their lives to taking the victims down from the cross. Furthermore, those who, in the midst of this history of crucifixion, celebrate what there is of fullness and have the freedom to give their own lives will, perhaps, not see history as nonsensical… but as the promise of a ‘more’ that touches us and draws us despite ourselves.


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