Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Saturday

I don't know if there really is such a thing as Easter Saturday. It's a day that is easily lost between the headliners but to my thinking, is actually representative of much of our lives. We often find ourselves in that space between suffering and resurrection, still feeling the pain of that which has gone before but living forward in hope for what lies ahead.

When we read the Easter story today, we already know the ending, so Good Friday is already imbued with a sense that this is not the end. Of course this wasn't the case for the first followers of Jesus - either for those that had fled or for those that had watched him die.

If we are to impart real hope to those we serve through our many social services, we need to help them move from Friday to Sunday; from pain to healing; from bondage to liberation; from death to new life. This may mean spending some time with them in the midst of the Saturday experience, where recent suffering is still keenly felt and the hope for which we wait is not yet certain.


John Ager said...

Thank you for a helpful post. John.

Major Tim Lynn said...

A great thought! It's so important that we journey with folk where they're at, and not simply from where we expect or want to them to be.

By the way, I thought you might find this info interesting.

"Easter Saturday is the Saturday after the Christian festival of Easter, also called Saturday in Easter week. It is sometimes confused with Holy Saturday (Easter Eve, or Low/Silent Saturday), which is the day before Easter Sunday.
However in Australia, Easter Saturday is the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday."

Now go figure...

Have a blessed Easter!

JDK said...

Thanks for your feedback. I think I'm clearer on the Easter Saturday thing now...maybe... :-)