Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Along with thousands of others, we turned all of our lights off at 8pm last night for an hour. We had a few candles lit up and there was minimal stumbling in the dark, so on the whole I'd say we survived fairly well.

I understand those that are ready to criticise this kind of activity as a token without any real ongoing effect. However, for my part it did make me think again about the multitude of ways in which we waste electricity in our household. Perhaps for the next week I'll turn a few more lights off than normal. Who knows if we do it again next year, my resolve may even last a couple of weeks.

Yeah, it's a pathetic difference - but without some kind of reminder, we're all far more likely to just continue on with our everyday lives not questioning the impact that we're having. Of course, this doesn't just apply to our environmental impact. We need just as many reminders about the way our society is neglecting some of it's most vulnerable members. How quickly do we forget the elderly, the disabled, the addicted, those in prison, those starving or dying of AIDS overseas? An hour isn't enough - but it's a start...

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