Thursday, March 13, 2008


I visited someone in a detox centre today. This isn't unusual as we have a drug and alcohol counselling service that runs from our corps and community centre, so many of the people we know have been through a detox at some stage - some of them many times. I was also lucky enough to be a chaplain at a detox as part of our first appointment and found it an incredible privilege.

Those who have made the decision to go into a detox are already in that life-changing space that can open up all sorts of possibilities. Many of them are more open to exploring a spiritual dimension of life, though we do need to be wary not to abuse people's trust in a particularly vulnerable time of their lives.

I also think that the concept has a wider applicability worth thinking about. We already hear about 'detox diets' but what about detoxing from some of the other things that influence our lives more than we like? Perhaps a 'TV detox' or a 'gossip detox' is in order? I think I'm about due for a Facebook detox. Whatever it is, the adjustment won't be easy but who knows, you might just find you can live without something you once thought vital after all - and put something even better in its place!

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