Saturday, March 29, 2008

Believe in something

I've been wondering over the past 24 hours whether the initial task of evangelism is to encourage people to believe in something - an end to poverty or human trafficking would be a great start, but I could work with caring for our environment or even saving endangered species.

You see I'm far more concerned about apathy than atheism these days. It's one thing to voice the occasional complaint about injustice in the world but how many people are really doing anything about it? At the risk of offending someone (I'm way overdue), I'd rather be marching for human rights beside an athiest than having coffee with a Christian that just doesn't care.

The Salvation Army has a fantastic reputation as an agency that cares for people in need. Lots of people want to support us in that mission - even if it's only by making the occasional donation towards our work. I'd like to invite more people to join us in the mission; to live a life that really matters. Because unless you're committed to making change in this world - in action and not just words - then you won't be able to comprehend the God that I believe calls us to a better world anyway.

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