Sunday, February 3, 2008

Salvationist Spirituality

I believe that one of the defining characteristics of a Salvationist spirituality is active engagement with the world. This is captured to some extent by the well known dictum that we are in the world, but not of the world. However, this second phrase is primarily used to highlight a qualitative difference that distinguishes our Christian presence amongst others. Before we get to this, we need to note that our very existence in the midst of the deepest troubles of this world is significant in itself.

Salvationists do not reject spiritualities which utilise withdrawal from society in order to refresh, refill and recentre on Jesus. For many, this is a vital part of our regular routine. However, I maintain that it is our very engagement with the world - within its darkest corners, with its most forgotten and rejected citizens, with the oppressive powers that rule it - that defines our spirituality. We believe that this world can and will be redeemed and just as importantly that we have a role to play with God in that redemption.

Why is this important? Because these are the places in which we find God. This is why we worship a crucified Christ - because we know God's presence with those who are suffering and we hear God's call to make a difference to those who are hurting in this world.

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