Saturday, February 23, 2008

The nature of spiritual service

Have just finished the book "Sally Ann - Poverty to Hope: Fair Trade by The Salvation Army", which is by the way, a great read for those unfamiliar with the Army's work in the developing world. The stories and photos are so compelling that it might be easy to miss some wonderfully insightful theological points which are made along the way. For example:
There is no division into 'social' and 'spiritual'. There is only an insoluble unity of the Spirit. That is the mysticism of The Salvation Army; the spiritual nature of the most menial task.
This is not a unique discovery. William Booth knew it. John Wesley understood it. Jesus practiced it, just as the prophets proclaimed it. However, I believe that a deep understanding of the meaning of this statement is the most urgent theological challenge facing The Salvation Army today.

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