Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Modern day miracle

Tuesday is our regular evening to do the weekly bread-run. It usually works like this: you've arrived home tired from a hard day's work, grab a bite to eat and collapse on the couch just enough to begin to relax before dragging your sorry self back up again and out to collect bags of donated bread from a local bakery. It's not difficult work and it rarely takes more than an hour all together, but the timing always seems to be a nuisance.

Despite all my whinging about the task, I love the idea and the results. It's much more than just a few bags of bakery goods - though this in itself would be a blessing. The part I love is that the arrangement is based upon a recognition that we often produce more than we need. The world's resources are not infinite, but they are abundant - and more than enough when distributed with equity. Too much of our overabundance is wasted and it's great to have even this small portion of it redistributed to people in need.

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