Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grasping Salvation

In about 6 weeks I will be graduating again, this time with a Masters in Theology. My thesis was on "the meaning of salvation in The Salvation Army". I'm not sure what my final grade was and perhaps that's a good thing because in many ways I still haven't figured out anything like a complete answer to that question.

The bulk of my thesis was written over 12 months ago now and since then I've continued to grow in my understanding of the meaning of salvation. Furthermore, I doubt that this seeking will ever come to an end. I guess I am following the advice of the apostle Paul who commends us to "continue working out your own salvation".

I'm pleased to say that I have learnt a lot along the way in my studies. Some people are critical of too much academic endeavour, but personally I have found it a valuable balance to the practical context within which I work. I have regularly been challenged about how God fits into our social services, how our social policy reflects our Christian convictions and how I might be more compassionate towards Christ's presence in the poor person who stands before me. In some ways I might be a little lost for a while having reached the end of these studies, but I doubt that feeling will last too long...

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