Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back to Basics

Today was one of those days that you would blame on the full moon, if there had been a full moon. If you thought Sundays were for quiet, reflective worship then you obviously haven't been to our Corps - or maybe you have but you didn't hang around! It's these days that you are tempted to make a bunch of new rules up so that the same thing doesn't happen again next week: no food parcels on Sunday, no coffee before the meeting, no turning up late or leaving in the middle of the meeting, no talking while I'm talking, no spilling anything on the floor, no personal problems or counselling, no entry to people who are inebriated or under the influence or have a mental illness or an intellectual disability...

And the five or six of us left would have a very nice time together!

When you put some effort into making church happen, it's easy to feel put out when people's lives get in the way of your divinely inspired plans for the day. The temptation is to concentrate on church and forget for a moment about the Kingdom. Unfortunately, Jesus invited all of those people who 'caused trouble' today. He was compassionate to their needs, to their suffering - they didn't get in his way, because they were his agenda for the day. Merciful God, help us to always find time for those who need us, in whom you are present, waiting for us.

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