Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Boundless Salvation?

I spent almost 2 years writing a thesis on "the meaning of salvation in The Salvation Army today". If you're really keen, you can download the whole thing from here.

But for those of you with more pressing time constraints, the basic idea was that much of our talk about salvation has become too narrow, too confined by our own theological limitations. I believe that we need to rediscover a wider concept of salvation that can truly be described as "boundless".

In the midst of this long journey of much reading, thinking, discussing and writing, I realised that what I was proposing wasn't a radical revision of popular theology. Instead, a broader vision of salvation has always existed throughout Christian tradition (including The Salvation Army) and has been revisited by many contemporary theologians, particularly over the last 30 years. It is strongly rooted in both Testaments of the Bible and provides an excellent starting point for theological reflection on the social service praxis of The Salvation Army.

The thesis is now complete (though by no means perfect) but for me, the learning continues. It is my hope that the discipline of blogging might provide a new outlet for reflection, testing and refinement of my own theological development. Feel free to join me in this task...

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