Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's this all about?

Thinking theologically
Some people are put off by theology, having confined its usefulness (or lack of...) to academic circles. I would want to argue a broad definition for theology simply as 'God-talk'. I still believe that a concept of God is important to our world - in fact I would go further and assert that God is more than a concept to believe in, but is also a reality to experience.

about social justice
I am also convinced that the God that I believe in is fundamentally concerned about distributive justice - that all the world should have equal opportunity to share in the benefits of fulness of life. My view of social justice therefore includes, but is not limited to, social service as we strive to address current inequities in our own particular contexts. Finally, my understanding of social justice is rooted in the Bible, from the laws of the Hebrew Scriptures through to Jesus' proclamation and living out of the Kingdom of God.

from a Salvationist's viewpoint
I write as a Salvationist, currently engaged in full time service as an officer and committed to a lifetime within this movement in which I see God's hand working on a daily basis. Though I write from this perspective and hopefully for others who may find some of these thoughts helpful, I do not write on behalf of The Salvation Army. Very few people can speak authoritatively for The Salvation Army and I doubt that I will ever be one of them. Nevertheless, I value deeply my own humble position within it and pray that somehow the writings of this blog might be found to honour both The Salvation Army and the God we worship together.

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