Thursday, January 31, 2008

More thoughts about Sabbath

Given the foundational principle of equality embedded in the Sabbath (see yesterday's post), some significant issues begin to arise regarding putting this idea into practice. It's one thing to say that this day will be a day of rest for everyone but in reality we face a major problem: true rest is a privilege usually reserved for the wealthy. The lives of the poor and destitute are replete with chaos, tragedy and crisis - none of which take a break on the weekend. The poor don't take holidays, they don't have an option to step outside of their lives for a while and experience something different. They often experience unremitting stress from interrelated issues such as unstable housing, financial crises, addictions and health problems including mental illness. What does Sabbath mean in this context?

It seems that the only way for Sabbath practice to affirm our universal equality under God is for those who have more, to share what they have with those who don't. Of course, this doesn't work if you only do it for one day a week...

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