Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learning my own lesson

I preached this morning on 'unity in the church' from 1Cor1:10-18. I was fairly pleased with the preparation that I had done and felt confident reminding our congregation that none of us is better or more important than another, that each of us has our weaknesses and that we need to be prepared to be patient with one another when tested.

Somewhere in the midst of this inspiring monologue, I was interrupted by a young woman who walked down the aisle and straight up to where I was standing. Oblivious to the discomfort of both the congregation and myself, she proceeded to give me a message to pass on to someone else later. Now I have to say that this kind of interruption isn't altogether unprecedented at Brunswick but the irony of throwing my own point back at me couldn't be missed. Well, I listened to her and she headed back out of the church again, giving me the opportunity to resume my sermon.

Sunday is always a busy day - we have two meetings and a community lunch requiring various preparations and cleanups in two different halls. Today in addition to preaching, I did a reading, played music, setup and packed up musical equipment, sang, cleaned up vomit and dropped people home. It would be easy to get lost in all this activity and not notice that God turned up to church today. Thanks be to God who keeps us humble when we need it.

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